June 5, 2016

User Guide

Raise Your Control Level

We have what you need. UCI offers a full range of control units – in basic, advanced and wireless versions, with memory functions and displays monitoring the desk height as well as other data. The range of UCI controls also includes apps via Bluetooth® wireless technology with motivational software and built-in reminders.

Operating the DPG Series:

The desk panel is operated by tilting; Tilt and hold the DPG up to make the desk drive up, press and hold the DPG down to make the desk drive down. Release the DPG when you have reached your requested position.

Storing a Memory Position

To store a memory position drive to the required position. Press the “Star” button for 2 seconds. White light flashes and becomes static when position is saved.

Tilt and hold, to drive to a memory position. If the DPG features automatic drive, tap twice on the DPG in the direction you want to drive. The DPG stops at the first stored position in the chosen direction.

Ergonomic Considerations:

Setting the Height

To maximise the benefits of a sit-stand workstation alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Frequently adjust your posture throughout the working day and take frequent breaks away from your computer.

– To set your workstation’s height for standing, determine the standing desk height by relaxing your shoulders and bending your elbows to 90 degrees

– Adjust the desk height to just below the forearms

The recommendations above are general guidelines only. If in doubt, please contact a certified ergonomist.