June 5, 2016


Why Sit Stand Workstations?

More and more organisations are creating flexible work environments to support changing work styles and preferences. They are encouraging mobility throughout the office and providing various work spaces for both collaboration and segregation. This improves satisfaction in the workplace and in turn has proven to foster creativity, productivity and efficiency.

Wellness in the Workplace

Technology plays a huge role in today’s work environments. Employees have everything within reach at their desks, multiple screens to work off and various internal communication tools to prevent them needing to move about the office. While these advances in technology may seem convenient, they are also adding to the sedentary behavior of the average office job.

This is why wellness in the workplace is more important than ever. To name a few, lower-back pain and spinal shrinkage, increased risk of heart and kidney disease, diabetes and weight gain have all been linked to prolonged sitting.

Of course standing comes with it’s own inherent problems such as fatigue, circulatory strain and varicose veins as well as the more obvious influences on employee satisfaction and practical difficulties in sustained concentration and fine motor skills.

Essentially any posture, regardless of how comfortable is detrimental over time. Movement is the key and to address this, many companies are opting for electric sit-stand workstations.

Sit-stand Workstations have been found to reduce incidence of musculoskeletal injury, lower perceived fatigue, increase energy and, importantly, they have been found to boost employee satisfaction and work performance.

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